Benefits of Going to Church Regularly

Most individuals believe in existence of a supreme being who is the giver of life and everything in it. They believe that it is God that created the world and is all powerful. For this reason, He should be worshipped and exalted at all times. One way of doing this is by going to church for instance on Sundays or having fellowships within the week among others. Going to church is good for the soul since it allows us to connect with God. In church there are various activities that go on there and that can lead to spiritual nourishment. For example, we have regular Bible study, morning devotion, prayer meetings among others. All these activities tend to impact people in different ways. There are benefits that come about with going to church regularly. Some of these benefits are in terms of health while others are spiritual in nature.

One of the benefits of going to church is that it allows you to have better sleep. Research has shown that religious people tend to enjoy better sleep than the non religious ones. This has been tied to the explanation that when one is involved in religious activities, the physical and mental parameters respond accordingly and the stress hormones are not released. This further lewd to less psychological stress which allows you to sleep much better. When you are a regular church goer, you believe that it is God that gives life and He alone should take it, for this reason, it is very difficult to find a staunch Christian committing suicide because he believes in the sacredness of life. Similarly, since there is absence of stress, then things like depression will never occur to a staunch church goer.

Regularly going to church has also been proven to make marriages happier and more long lasting. It is said that a couple that prays together, stays together. Such couples are of the belief that marriage is a holy matrimony and it is God that out them together and this they ought to make it work because divorcing would be against the will of God. Similarly, couples that o to church together seem to be attractive and most people would emulate that. Another surprising health benefit of going to church is that it reduces your chances of getting high blood pressure. In the church, there are a variety of activities that one can engage in and which in turn make you healthier. For instance, there are usually some team building exercises, going for retreats, sporting days for church among others. All these aim at making you feel and become fit.

Spiritually, there are advantages that come with going to church. It helps one to connect better with God. As a Christian there are some things that you must do be in good terms with God for example, reading the Bible regularly, going for fellowship among others. Social connections are also improved by going to church since you meet people there.

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